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A better computer

I was just reading On Furniture by @spencermountain. I really like it, and the format too.

Super dig this Jevon's Paradox:

a better computer would just mean using the computer more

And this:

we shouldn’t forget how transformative an ideal computer would be,... and that we have no idea what it will look like.

What is a computer?

Atm it's a lot of things, all jammed into a single slab. We have large (laptops) and small slabs (some are event called "phones" nowadays). But they all do the same thing: everything.

It seems like most of the momentum over the few decades has been towards more and more stuff packed into less and less space. Only a few things have branched out from this and tried to do less, like Google Glass. Even an Apple Watch can do a helluva lot, and I'd argue it feels more like an iPhone than a watch.

I think in the future we'll see the breaking down of computing into more specific parts so that they can be interacted with separately, but seamlessly. Key to that will be open protocols, firmware, and even operating systems, so that more devices can talk freely with each other.