Eric Bailey

Developer. Interested in design systems, open source, and beer. Based in NYC.


  • Love Adorned

    @ The Couch - Nov. 2017

  • COTE

    @ The Couch - Dec. 2017

  • The Wing Coven

    @ The Couch - Oct. 2017

  • Recreo San Miguel

    @ The Couch - Oct. 2017

  • Quanta Magazine

    @ Barrel - May 2017

  • A Goddamn Lady

    @ my couch - Feb 2017

  • Genexa

    @ Barrel - Oct. 2016

  • Gitman Vintage

    @ Barrel - Aug 2016

  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

    @ Barrel - April 2016

  • Gitman Brothers

    @ Barrel - Nov. 2015

  • Sculpt

    @ Sculpt - July 2015


  • svbstrate

    Another functional CSS library – 1.2kb ⚡️

  • foil

    800 byte framework agnostic router.

  • operator

    1kb drop-in "PJAX" solution for fluid, smooth transitions between pages.

  • ffx

    Teeny-tiny flexbox grid for React

  • srraf

    Better scroll and resize listeners using requestAnimationFrame.

  • astrochimp

    Tiny MailChimp list subscribe utility.

  • react-hydrate

    Generic data fetching and SSR hydration pattern for React.

  • micro-popover

    A tiny, fast, configurable popover.

  • sshare

    A tiny, accessible, Medium-like share dialog in about ~2.2kb gzipped.

  • relaze

    1kb image lazy loading library for React.

  • react-micro-popover

    A tiny, fast, configurable popover, built with micro-popover.

  • @picostate/react

    600 byte state management for React.

  • tinkerbell

    💫 Tiny tweening library that sparkles.

  • @slater/theme

    A Shopify theme based on Slate, but with less of... everything.

  • picostate

    200 byte state management.

  • react-hydrate-link

    Route pre-fetching for React Router v4

  • foil-react

    React adapter for foil. 800b gzipped.

  • micro-form

    Low-level localized state form building library for React.

  • @slater/reload

    A theme auto-reload socket for use with @slater/cli.

  • chunk-cache

    Simple caching for streamed HTML

  • updwn

    Tiny up/down scroll detection.

  • pparallax

    Precision parallax in ~1.6kb gzipped

  • unibundle

    Simple universal application bundler

  • @slater/cli

    A Shopify development utility, complete with CSS & JS hot reloading.

  • tackjs

    A minimal toolkit to pin an element relative to another element.

  • visibl

    1kb declarative in-viewport React HOC.

  • sscroll

    Tiny isomorphic smooth-scroll utility.

  • @loll/route-parser

    Simple & tiny route parser.

  • picoapp

    Teeny tiny components. Teeny tiny hassle.

  • tarry.js

    Tiny composable sequencing utility. 250b gzipped.

  • tril

    A bare-bones in-memory database.

  • valencia

    Tiny helper to fetch Instagram posts. 500b gzipped.

  • loll

    A fun(ctional) little frontend application framework.

  • micromanager

    A simple script initiation pattern for modular websites.

  • rosin

    A tiny single-finger tap, double-tap, and swipe library. Works with touch and/or mouse events.

  • loop.js

    Part of a knot. Loop is a bare-bones pub/sub style event emitter.

  • putz

    A tiny progress bar with a full API and the ability to increment randomly.

  • microstate

    Co-located state management for React

  • overunder

    A tiny waypoint library for scroll and resize events.

  • micro-modal

    Teeny-tiny super-flexible modal for React.

  • micro-jsonp

    Teeny-tiny JSONP handler. 386b gzipped.

  • scroll-restoration

    A tiny scroll management library using native DOM APIs.

  • the-couch/paralless

    Hyper-minimal parallax implementation for subtle animation.

  • .dotfiles

    Configs for vim, git, and Hyper.

  • conform.js

    A tiny form submission utility library.

  • maxrolon / shopify-shipper

    ⚓️ A shipping calculator library for Shopify

  • fab.js

    Itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie React static site generator.

  • barrel/promobar

    A lightweight and easily configurable promo bar in ES6.

  • sharable

    An easily configurable social share library that uses the social data in your document's head by default.


  • The Couch

    Partner - Development

    April 2018 - present

  • Freelance

    Full-stack JavaScript

    May 2017 - March 2018

  • Barrel


    Jan 2015 - May 2017

  • Sculpt

    Creative Director

    July 2013 - Dec 2014